Szymon Kaliski
I spend most of my free time experimenting with code and working on personal projects.
You can also check my professional work and my ambient music.
CRLN — GPGPU curl noise experiment
MNTN — simple procedural mountain generator
DIY monome
DAS-UI — an experimental domain-agnostic keyboard-based visual programming language
Neutron — Self-contained node & npm sketchbook
Timav — Time Tracking system backed by Google Calendar
Parametrium — Interactive parameter space explorer for P5.js
WallGen — Evolutionary wallpaper generator
SDF-UI — WebGL node editor for Signed Distance Functions
glsl-auto-ui — automatic DAT.GUI generation
Kinect2OSC — Kinect to OSC transceiver
LoopPI — DIY hardware audio looper
EEG2OSC — EEG to OSC transmitter for Emotiv EPOC
Nodation — experiment in building music compositions with graphs
BeatBattle — live audio-reactive visuals
Hello Poznań — interactive data visualisation of Poznań events
Sensorium — generative book covers