I'm a toolmaker, researcher, technologist and artist from Poznań, Poland.

My main focus is building digital tools for creative expression, data-driven interfaces and visualizations. I work on professional projects through a boutique creative technology studio called flow/control.

I make ambient/experimental music from deconstructed acoustic sounds using DIY hardware and software.

I also consult on technical projects, speak at conferences, give workshops and teach.

You can contact me via email:, follow me on twitter, look at my code on github, and listen to some of my music on soundcloud.


2019-07-16Walking In The Garden Of Forking PathsCurry On, London, UK
2019-05-16Sleeping In The Circular RuinsTechnarte, Bilbao, Spain
2018-09-29Sleeping In The Circular RuinsSpokane Create, USA
2017-10-20Meet&Code, Gliwice, Poland
2016-12-06Exploring The Universal LibraryShanghai University, China
2016-09-22Exploring The Universal LibraryTWF, Kraków, Poland
2016-08-05Creative Code Stammtisch, Berlin, Germany
2016-07-02Exploring The Universal LibraryPolyConf, Poznań, Poland
2016-05-20Exploring The Universal LibraryFront Trends, Warsaw, Poland
2015-11-25Paris.js, Paris, France
2015-11-14art+bits festival, Katowice, Poland
2015-10-15Data 3.0, Warsaw, Poland
2015-04-22Transmission Symposium, Bournemouth, UK
2015-04-10meet.js, Poznań, Poland
2015-03-10Innovation Lab, Warsaw, Poland
2014-10-05art+bits festival, Katowice, Poland
2013-12-14Pecha Kucha Night, M26 Lab, Poznań, Poland
2013-04-18CK Zamek, Poznań, Poland


2018-11-072019-05-27School Of FormSWPS University, Poznań, Poland
2018-12-152018-12-15Video in ProcessingPoznań ID
2018-05-252018-05-26Build Your Own MIDI ControllerSummer Lab, Katowice, Poland
2017-12-022017-12-02Data Dramatizationdata for culture, Katowice, Poland
2017-10-202017-10-20Meet&Code, Gliwice, Poland
2017-07-102017-07-28SkyrockTaipei, Taiwan
2017-03-282017-03-28SOF Creative Coding, Warsaw, Poland
2016-10-102016-12-02OFCourseShanghai, China
2015-11-132015-11-15Touchable InstallationsArt+Bits, Katowice, Poland
2015-10-142015-10-16Intro to Data VisualizationData 3.0, Warsaw, Poland
2015-09-262015-09-27Kinetic Street ArtKatowice, Poland
2015-01-092015-01-09MediaLab BattleLublin, Poland
2012-10-032012-10-06Interactive installations with Max/MSPTransvizualia Festival
2011-12-092011-12-09Max/MSPAdam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland
2011-12-022011-12-03Max/MSPAdam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland
2011-10-052011-10-07Max/MSPTransvizualia Festival, Gdynia, Poland


2015-10-282015-10-28Biomimesis: HyphaeFrameless, Germany
2014-10-262014-10-05Biomimesis: HyphaeOscillations Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2014-10-152014-10-21Biomimesis: StigmergyLetnie Pranie Mózgu, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2014-10-152014-10-15Biomimesis: HyphaeZukunt Kino, Berlin, Germany
2013-10-072013-10-07Biomimesis: HyphaeVivisesja, Poznań, Poland
2013-10-242013-10-29SympatykotoniaMalta Festival, Poznań, Poland


2018-08-012018-08-31Laboratory SpokaneSpokane, USA
2017-07-032017-07-28SkyrockTaipei, Taiwan
2014-02-032014-02-14FabricaTreviso, Italy
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