I make ambient music by combining lo-fi techniques with digital technologies.

I constantly search for individual methods of expression, using self-made software and unique hardware.

My tracks are intentionally filled with imperfections, full of cracks suspended in slowed down soundscapes. Compositions are always born from acoustic sounds — looped, decayed and reconstructed.

My releases were warmly received by press. I was compared to artists such as William Basinski, Eluvium, or Taylor Deupree.

If you enjoy listening to good music, you should buy this album; if you're interested in thinking through the ways in which sound and place make each other meaningful, you've even more reason to do so.– Fluid Radio
[Kaliski] takes pieces from all the greats, lots of vintage Jeckian crackle, subtle glitches like Hecker, some Basinski melancholy, and Deupree style processed minimalism, all while not sounding too much like any one of them.– Anti Gravity Bunny
Gaze Into The Sun
Fluid Audio 2021
From Scattered Accidents
Kitchen. Label 2012
For Isolated Recollections
Hibernate 2011
Out Of Forgetting
Audiobulb 2010
  • 2019-11-24FARBY, Poznań, Poland
  • 2019-11-21SEJF, Gorzów, Poland
  • 2019-11-20wkurvv, Wrocław, Poland
  • 2019-11-18Chmury, Warszawa, Poland
  • 2019-11-15Kolonia Artystów, Sopot, Poland
  • 2018-12-20Pies Andaluzyjski, Poznań, Poland
  • 2018-08-25Boots Bakery and Lounge, Spokane, USA
  • 2018-08-17Object Space Gallery, Spokane, USA
  • 2018-08-02Ace Hotel, Portland, USA
  • 2016-10-01FLIM, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2015-10-28Frameless, Munich, Germany
  • 2015-09-12OSA Festival, Sopot, Poland
  • 2015-08-18gift_lab, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2015-08-16Anonym Gallery, Nagano, Japan
  • 2015-08-15space eauuu, Kobe, Japan
  • 2014-09-19Up To Date Festival, Białystok, Poland
  • 2013-09-13Galeria EL, Elbląg, Poland
  • 2013-05-24Głośna, Poznań, Poland
  • 2012-12-08Kronika, Bytom, Poland
  • 2012-12-01Festiwal Ambientalny, Wrocław, Poland
  • 2012-11-07art+bits Festival, Katowice, Poland
  • 2012-10-07Transvizualia Festival, Gdynia, Poland
  • 2012-09-01Les Digitales Festival, Paradiso, Switzerland
  • 2012-05-18Performing Media #2, Głośna, Poznań, Poland
  • 2012-05-14Suedhain, Kassel, Germany, Poland
  • 2012-05-12Vision'R Festival, Paris, France
  • 2012-03-03CK Zamek, Poznań, Poland
  • 2011-10-28Kultura 2.0, Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny, Warsaw, Poland
  • 2011-10-22Cyklotronika, Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań, Poland
  • 2011-10-17FQP Unquiet Event, Alchemia, Kraków, Poland
  • 2011-06-03FQP Unquiet Event, Kronika, Bytom, Poland
  • 2011-05-06Mózg, Bydgoszcz, Poland
  • 2011-03-31Pod Minogą, Poznań, Poland
  • 2011-02-19Cyklotronika, Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań, Poland
  • 2010-10-06Audiosfera, Radio Afera, Poland
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