Amplifying Strengths can be More Productive than Improving Weaknesses

(...) Joy Ebertz says:

One piece of advice I got at some point was to amplify my strengths. All of us have strengths and weaknesses and we spend a lot of time talking about "areas of improvement." It can be easy to feel like the best way to advance is to eliminate all of those. However, it can require a lot of work and energy to barely move the needle if it's truly an area we're weak in. Obviously, you still want to make sure you don't have any truly bad areas, but assuming you've gotten that, instead focus on amplifying your strengths. How can you turn something you're good at into your superpower?

I've personally found this to be true in a variety of disciplines. While it's really difficult to measure programmer effectiveness in anything resembling an objective manner, this isn't true of some things I've done, like competitive video games (...), the thing that took me from being a pretty decent player to a very good player was abandoning practicing things I wasn't particularly good at and focusing on increasing the edge I had over everybody else at the few things I was unusually good at

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