Canvas for Programming

Figma's Auto Layout feature got me pretty excited and so made this Notes App within Figma. A notes app with real-time collaboration and version control! With the help of plugins, we can find, replace and the possibilities are endless..!

kanban board in Figma

With Figma's autolayout feature, you can create your own kanban board using just frames and components.

It's like an app emerging from simple rules. Imagine a system that went all-in on this kind of free-form interaction!

  • this looks like first steps towards building complex fully interactive(!) UIs visually
  • another idea would be to allow working with "vertical slices": CSV data, transformation code and data visualization output visible at once, instead of dealing with parsing code, then somewhere else with visualization code, etc.
  • related to Canvas for Thinking, End-User Programming, Future Of Coding

Pixel Space and Tools

Places in Software

VPL Issues


Combination of the background grid, and a quick way to build DOM elements, allows for adding pieces of documentation, notes, and inspiration images inline on the board, creating a canvas for programming:

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