Canvas for Thinking

Non of our recent work would happen without Figma. From boards with brief breakdown, desk research, data discussions, concept drawings to WIP screenshots, branding guide and UX user journeys. We bring visual thinking to the way we both design and code.

I'm really able to do spatial reasoning and looking at big picture only in Figma

Thinking in Figma
  • it's interesting how Marcin uses Figma not for design, but for visually thinking and collecting information
    • these ideas are related to what Muse is trying to do on the iPad
  • keeping in mind thinking by writing ideas, canvas for thinking should probably be a very personal thing
  • also relevant ideas in rules for visual information systems

Pencil and OS-level Doodling

Pixel Space and Tools

Places in Software


HHANN was created to fill a basic need of being able to draw on top of the screen. Allowing users to doodle on the OS-level turns the whole system into a canvas for thinking.

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