Composing Functionality and VPLs

Svelte example screenshot

using it for composing generative functionality, a bit like in node-based programming

— Matt DesLauriers -

  • related to Computational DAGs
  • maybe related to signal-collect and other graph computation algorithms
  • maybe related to Petri Nets
  • I like how code is expressed as "layers", borrowing from graphical applications (some other interesting prompts in this direction in VPL Issues:
    export let inner = 0.5;
    export let outer = 0.75;
    export let vertices = 10;
    // ...
      <Slider label="Sides" bind:value={vertices} min={5} max={20} step={1} />
      <Slider label="Inner Radius" bind:value={inner} min={0} max={2} step={0.01} />
      <Slider label="Outer Radius" bind:value={outer} min={0} max={2} step={0.01} />
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