Conversation Theory

Conversation theory is a cybernetic and dialectic framework that offers a scientific theory to explain how interactions lead to "construction of knowledge", or "knowing": wishing to preserve both the dynamic/kinetic quality, and the necessity for there to be a "knower".

  • author: Gordon Pask
  • social systems produce responses based on one person's interpretation of another person's behaviour
  • meanings are agreed through conversation
    • because the meaning is agreed and not _objectively true, then science needs stable reference points in the knowledge exchange to allow for reproducible results
    • so my meaning and your meaning are agreed upon through conversation, and then used as anchors for more meaning
  • Conversation Theory describes interactions between cognitive systems - could be two+ people, could be different viewpoints within the same person - both for living organisms and machines
  • formalisations:
    • concepts can be derived from other concepts
    • alternative derivations may be created through AND and OR (use of logic)
    • analogies exist between topics which share meanings and differences

is your meaning (or, to say it more carefully, my view of your meaning) consistent with my own, pre-existing view?