Design Methods Movement

  • grew out after the World War II

belief that making design more scientific would produce a better world

— The Design Methods Movement: From Optimism to Darwinism

  • main authors: Bruce Archer, John Chris Jones, Christopher Alexander, Horst Ritte
  • "physics" vs "biology" approach (as stated by the authors):
    • physics has forces, biology has interactions (possible relation to Smalltalk)
    • physics is best for simple systems, biology for complex ones (also Smalltalk)
    • physics is not historical - the same physical cause->effect will happen in the same circumstances, always; in biology the evolutionary past has to be taken into account
  • the whole "physics vs biology" point seems wrong to me, biology is physics, it feels more like the authors comparing simple physical model, of for example friction on plane, to a complex physical interactions in a multi-cellular organism
    • they are also trying to state that "every organism is different" which is true, but they are still governed by physical laws
  • criticism of Design Methods Movement gave birth to participatory design, user-centered design, and design thinking; on the other hand "scientific" approach led to design science by Buckminster Fuller