Dynamic Medium

  • thoughts prompted by Alan Kay and Bret Victor (Bret Victor's Thesis)
  • computing right now seems to simulate old mediums (books/movies) instead of becoming its own medium
  • Bret Victor says that dynamic medium is:
    • computational (can simulate, calculate, etc...)
    • responsive (responds to stimuli)
    • connected (exchanges information)
  • dynamic medium could be a great Cognitive Medium

Kay began to understand that what he wanted to create was an entirely new medium - a medium that would be fundamentally different from all the previous static media of history. This was going to be the first dynamic medium - a means of representing, communicating, and animating thoughts, dreams, and fantasies as well as words, images, and sounds.

Tools For Thought - Howard Rheingold

  • Dynamic Medium could be great for thinking this way - if only we had proper tools!
  • would such imaginary tools be good only for transferring knowledge, or also for gaining new knowledge? - in other words would I invent calculus just by having access to a Dynamic Medium that works this way?

Collection of random thoughts of how working in the dynamic medium might look like.