Dynamic Medium

  • thoughts prompted by Alan Kay and Bret Victor (notation)
  • computing right now seems to simulate old mediums (books/movies) instead of becoming its own medium
  • Bret Victor says that dynamic medium is:
    • computational (can simulate, calculate, etc...)
    • responsive (responds to stimuli)
    • connected (exchanges information)
  • dynamic medium could be a great cognitive medium

Kay began to understand that what he wanted to create was an entirely new medium - a medium that would be fundamentally different from all the previous static media of history. This was going to be the first dynamic medium - a means of representing, communicating, and animating thoughts, dreams, and fantasies as well as words, images, and sounds.


  • so the idea is to use dynamic medium to reinvent representations of thought (imagining, creating, explaining, ...) with dynamic representations

Collection of random thoughts of how working in the dynamic medium might look like.

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