Each Extensions is an Amputation

  • McLuhan says that all media are extensions of human faculty, and that every extension also modifies (or amputates) some other extension

text messaging extends the voice, but amputates our ability to write a letter


  • using a personal Memex possibly replaces memory with Google-effect (knowing where to look for information vs knowing the information)
    • using spaced repetition might be a solution to this, but I'm curious if the better solution would be just dropping Memex and spaced repetition altogether, to force myself to remember things
    • this might be much more nuanced, Memex as copying encyclopedia entries into local storage is definitely in the Google-effect neighborhood, and also not that interesting; using Memex as a Tool for Thinking-with, is much more interesting through this lens - what "amputation" can Extended Mind cause?
  • Thinking by Writing might limit non-written thinking power also?
  • relying on Self-Cybernetics to model ones behaviour could make one completely lost without those external inputs
    • reference: "Accelerando" and Manfred's glasses