End-User Programming vs Programming

  • not everyone should be able to create Ableton Live or other pro tools, and that might be ok - this might be the difference between end-user programming to help with the users work vs programming as a profession
  • everyone should be able to nudge their tools into the right direction if needed though
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If programming means writing step-by-step recipes as has been done for the past 40 years, however, then for most people it never was relevant and is surely obsolete. Spreadsheets (...) give strong hints that much more powerful styles are in the offing for novices and experts alike. Does this mean that what might be called a driver-education approach to computer literacy is all most people will ever need-that one need only learn how to "drive" applications programs and need never learn to program? Certainly not. Users must be able to tailor a system to their wants. Anything less would be as absurd as requiring essays to be formed out of paragraphs that have already been written

— Computer Software - Alan Kay

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