Great Thoughts

  • Richard Hamming used to have "great thoughts time" - when he would only discuss "big" things, like:
    • "where is the field going?"
    • "what's going to happen in next 10 years?"
  • I can't be thinking "great thoughts" all of the time, this is also probably related to "energy levels"
  • maybe great thoughts can be thought better when Thinking by Writing

For many years I devoted about 10% of my time (Friday afternoons) to trying to understand what would happen in the future of computing, both as a scientific tool and as shaper of the social world of work and play. In forming your plan for your future you need to distinguish three different questions:

  • What is possible?
  • What is likely to happen?
  • What is desirable to have happen?

The Art of Doing Science and Engineering - Richard Hamming