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Pixel Space and Tools

virtually every user in the study reported that an advantage of spreadsheets is the ability to view large quantities of data on the screen (Nardi and Miller, 1990). Users had a strong preference for being able to view as much data as possible without scrolling

A Small Matter of Programming - Bonnie Nardi

We can imagine, for example, mechanisms by which a user debugs a particular formula by bringing up a view of the spreadsheet in which irrelevant rows and columns are filtered out, and related cells are highlighted

A Small Matter of Programming - Bonnie Nardi

Sparklines work at intense resolutions, at the level of good typography and cartography. Currently such intensities can be found only on paper, film, and metal - where resolutions > 1,200 dpi are easily and inexpensively achieved. Today's computer monitors operate at about 10% of paper's resolution, producing coarse typography in the smaller point sizes as well as sparklines lacking in fine detail.

— Beautiful Evidence - Edward Tufte


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