Pixel Space and Tools
  • mapping huge spaces onto small screens seems to be one of fundamental problems in "UI":
    • Figma/Sketch and other graphical apps have infinite canvas(es)
    • Muse zooms infinitely into a confined space (ZUI)
      • and in more general, attempts at UIs with more "fractality"
    • desktops have infinite folders within folders (and virtual desktops - though these are finite?)
    • Dynamicland makes everything an interactive information piece (so the space is room/building-size), but is still constrained by the size of the building
      • somehow when things are at human-scale, it doesn't feel that way - you can "surround" yourself with your work, spread things apart, have some of them in the peripheral vision, some of them "in the kitchen", etc.
        • is this where VR kicks in?
  • somehow free panning in x/y makes me feel like looking through a loupe - I don't get that feeling when scrolling only vertically though
    • strangely, some applications of x/y pan seem ok - maps for example
    • maybe the issue is somewhere else - when zooming a map I don't care so much about the context anymore, but when working on a screen, I usually want all of the surrounding information, and I just can't display it all at once
  • I'm curious how many and what kinds of projectors would I need to have a wall for thinking
    focus plus context screen with a projector
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