Programmable Ink

  • a Research Theme at Ink&Switch into an overlap of sketching, touch & stylus input, and computation

On the work side, we finished a programmable ink project at Ink&Switch. We're going to present it during the LIVE 2021 workshop at SPLASH, and we're still working on the final essay which should be out later this year.

I'm going back to the US in late September, this time to give a Programmable Ink talk at Strange Loop (which I'm both excited, and nervous about; not sure in which order). Hope to see some of you there!

This quarter has been filled with a lot of Programmable Ink things:

  • this could possibly mix very well with the ideas of "spatial queries" explored in the Programmable Ink (and Dynamicland), where a pattern like the one above wouldn't be copy-pasted around, but instead declared once (as a "match" on a specific configuration of the cells on the canvas)

Crosscut is a research project developed at Ink&Switch in the Programmable Ink thread together with Marcel Goethals and Ivan Reese. It is a spiritual continuation of our work on End-User Programming (with an essay here), and the Inkbase project.

Inkbase is another Programmable Ink research project done at Ink&Switch, together with James Lindenbaum and Joshua Horowitz during summer and autumn of 2020.

This is something that was also an important realization in the Programmable Ink research at Ink&Switch, I think best verbalized here immediate feedback makes it feel as if you are directly Working With The Material, helps build intuition and leverages Peripheral Vision for spotting patterns and issues.

Untangle is a Programmable Ink research project done at Ink&Switch, together with Marcel Goethals, and with engineering help from Mike Kluev.