Research Themes

  • it might be a better idea to form research tracks/themes, than to research a specific thing
    • when you research a specific thing you kind of know what it is already, so there's not that much to gain
    • research theme becomes like a vector of thought pointing in some direction, while allowing for exploration
  • some themes that I stumbled upon:
    • "drawing on strengths of human interaction" (May-Li Khoe)
    • "local first" (Ink&Switch)
    • "Tools, not Apps" (Ink&Switch)
    • "No Chrome" (Ink&Switch)
    • "Modeless" (Jef Raskin)
    • "problem-finding, not just problem-solving" (PARC)
    • "visions, not goals" (PARC)
    • "fund people, not projects" (PARC)
    • "milestones, not deadlines" (PARC)
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