Sequences of Static Snapshots

  • sequences of:
    • images played back at 30fps create movement
    • values changing over time create a dynamic entity (when associated with some identity)

      an identity is an entity that has a state, which is its value at a point in time

    • memories create identity (self)
    • mental associations created thinking (associationism):

      idea that mental processes operate by the association of one mental state with its successor states

    • static panes in comics create motion
      • this can be also used for visualising time series:
        (Chronophotograph by Etienne Jules Marey from "The Human Body in Action")
  • identity is a story that brain tells itself, there's no real me, each person has different simulation of me and I have one (or more) as well - self is an illusion made through Sequences of Static Snapshots