Strive to be Well Rounded

  • Jack Rusher says that art/science and design/technology are not opposites, but parts of a "whole"
    • art and science require exploration and reaching outside of what we currently can do
    • design and technology are like engineering
  • I believe that repeating to yourself that you can't learn/do something because you have "humanistic-oriented mind" (or "science-oriented mind" for that matter) is a way of (severely) limiting yourself
  • this idea might also be useful in training
    • training only powerlifting specialises in big three, but leaves a lot on the table
    • if I'm not competing at high level (not making this my living) it might be a good idea to incorporate conditioning, weightlifting and strongman training to be more "well rounded"
  • this ideas are also relevant to T-shaped people, PI-shaped, and comb-shaped
  • being well rounded requires reflective practice to find "holes" and fill them
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