Tools as Collaborators

  • one of Ink&Switch Research Themes (though not explored much yet)
  • main prompt - what if software had its own ideas and working with it was more like "collaborating", and less like "using"
  • in Casual Creators Kate Compton proposes different ways in which user and a given system work together:
    • control: traditional artist practice
    • steer: the user and the system are both working together
    • surf: the user lets the system take charge
    • "steer" and "surf" is what this note is about - there's probably a gradient between them on which the user could fluidly move, but the idea is that decisions are made somewhat "together" with the tool
  • "responding" to inputs instead of "processing" them (Tools as Collaborators)
    • Hainbach in one of his videos describes how working with Bastl Thyme is like working with a collaborator with his own ideas