Tools for Novelty

  • a subset of Tools for Creativity and Tools for Thinking aimed at creating new ideas, by:
    • prompting unexpected connections
    • supporting bisociation (The Act of Creation)
    • promoting new "creative paths"

      if there are paths that users often take (...) tell them when they are making common creative moves, challenge them to find an uncommon path

      Casual Creators - Kate Compton

    • following a "sense of beauty"
    • "responding" to inputs instead of "processing" them (Tools as Collaborators)
      • Hainbach in one of his videos describes how working with Bastl Thyme is like working with a collaborator with his own ideas
  • examples in the wild:
  • (but) also:

    The music isn't in the piano.

    — Alan Kay

    • maybe the music is in the piano, at least a bit? - we build and tune pianos in a very specific way, to support making music, and these Tools are Building Us
    • Gordon Brander argues that looking through a Cybernetic lens, the music is in a feedback loop between the piano and the player