Why Do We Do Things?

  • in How to Take Smart Notes author mentions often how having joy and genuine interest in the work we're doing is the most important thing, and everything else comes downstream from it
  • the question has some clues in research on Deliberate Practice - doing things is not always easy, but still gives joy
  • Task Forcing Function and Task Activation Energy might be a wrong take on this - if I have joy in the work I'm doing, and I believe in it, I don't need to "hack" myself to do it
  • flow states might be relevant here - or maybe they are just downstream from specific situation within a thing that I would do anyways - I and sometimes find a flow state when training, and I can try to optimise to find it more often, but I'll train regardless of being able to find flow consistently, just because I like the activity (even if it's not always "easy" or "nice")
  • I think the general conclusion would be to focus energy on finding things that I would want to do anyways, and then doubling down on them - which ties into Being Honest with Yourself
  • I think the main conclusion here is that Following Genuine Interests Forms Positive Feedback Loops