Workshop vs Library

  • main differences:
    • workshop is my knowledge
    • library is other people's knowledge
  • there's a different "language" used in both:
    • in a library it's used as a common medium - you have to know the language, but you can know it
    • in a workshop it's my language - probably only I will fully know it, it's optimised for my cognitive landscape
      • my own cognitive workspace changes over time, so is it possible that some of the workshops notes won't be understandable after some time?
      • how to have a good dialog across time?

knowledge is personal


At the very base of this idea lies the fact that people—real, live human beings—are the best containers for knowledge and wisdom. Any tool, structure, or interface attempting to collectively manage knowledge must have people at its very core.

  • there is tension between this and ideas about workshop vs library where the "internal language" is different to the "external" one
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