Pi CapRaspberry Pi add-on for capacitive sensing

flow/control collaborated with Bare Conductive in building software for Pi Cap which brings capacitive sensing known from their TouchBoard to Raspbbery Pi.

Pi Cap has 12 electrodes for sensing capacitive touch, high quality audio output, prototyping area for soldering, button, and RGB led.

Our main task was to prepare software examples for users to quickly start playing with this board in C++ or Python. We also created Python wrapper for C++ MPR121 driver prepared by Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith from Bare Conductive.

project 1
project 2

Examples range from controlling RGB led and reading input from the button, to more complicated things, like streaming data through OSC, playing polyphonic sounds, and even text-to-speech.

All examples are open sourced and available at Bare Conductive's github account.

We were very happy to help Bare Conductive shape this great little Raspberry Pi add-on, it's extremely encouraging to see people playing and building things with tools we've created.

codeStefan Dzisiewski-Smith (Bare Conductive)
codeSzymon Kaliski (flow/control)
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