Cartographistexperimental web browser optimized for rabbit-holing

Cartographist is an experimental web browser optimized for rabbit-holing.

  • Instead of opening new windows (with cmd-click), Cartographist spawns horizontally scrollable panes.
  • Instead of forcing you to find things in a linear history, Cartographist shows a tree-structured outline of your browsing:
    Browsing history
  • Instead of always starting fresh, Cartographist can save, and load "trails" — the exact state of the session you've left — supporting researching topics over long periods of time.

You can find more context about this project in the Q4 2021 Newsletter. Code is open sourced: szymonkaliski/Cartographist.

I shared a preview on Twitter, to a surprisingly overwhelming response, but I got distracted with other things and never got back to the project. I still occasionally get requests for sharing this, so here it is: szymonkaliski/Cartographist.

Additionally, it started to feel that I'm solving this problem on a wrong level. For example, a good window manager could replace Cartographist almost completely I played around with columnar layout in HHTWM for a bit, but lack of horizontal scrolling makes it not that useful in the end.

Well, let me know if you have any ideas how to make Cartographist better! Is there anything interesting here that I'm not seeing? Could it be useful to you in any way?

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