Daceinexperimental creative coding IDE

Dacein is an experimental creative coding IDE combining few different ideas together:

It borrows heavily for Processing, p5, and React.

Sketches are created in a functional, declarative style, which allows the system to record state changes, and gives the user ability for easy time travel and livecoding.

Additionally, the user can directly manipulate the sketch and thanks to the magic of unconstrained optimization the system is able to create new code constants:

You can read more about the process and ideas behind making this project in this leanghty article: building dacein.

Code is open sourced: szymonkaliski/dacein.

Dacein is an experimental creative coding IDE combining a few different ideas that I've been thinking about:

Livecoding can mean different things in different context. For Dacein, by livecoding I understand ability to immediately see code changes on the screen, as well as custom pickers to scrub through numbers and colors without typing.

Creating graphics in Dacein is done using single sketch function which accepts a few parameteres:

Finally, some smaller technical notes from making Dacein.

Dacein is yet another project that is nowhere near being production ready, but hopefully, shows some interesting ideas, and also shows that it's possible to play with those things in relatively short timeframes. It took about 35 hours to build, working after hours and on the weekends.

Dacein is also the first thing made in my 2019 meta-project of bimonthly projects. Unsurprisingly, it feels much more relaxed that my monthly projects in 2017, and also more focused than the last year where I was just trying to do something every day.

For now, I'm moving to the next project, leaving this one open-sourced: szymonkaliski/dacein, and available online: szymonkaliski.github.io/dacein.