DIY Monome

I've built two DIY Monome clones as last project of my 2017 one-project-a-month challenge.

More info in the detailed blog post, and full source code and instructions on github: szymonkaliski/diy-monome.

For other experiments around hardware/software for experimental music check out: Nótt, DIY Monome, and LoopPI.

Nótt contains six independent loops, up to 8 seconds long, including speed control, sublooping, reverse playing, and custom granular mode. It combines my previous hardware looper experiment - LoopPI and my DIY Monome research.

For a while Monome was quite popular in music-making scene, and at some point there was an effort around arduinome project, which provided Arduino code and build instructions for building DIY Monomes. With appearance of Launchpad and other cheap grid-based controllers that project died off.