Fonomapainteractive audio installation for kids

I've built an interactive installation for 20th Kids Art Biennale, for exploring the city of Poznań through field-recordings made by children.

The map became an interface for mixing different sounds together, letting children and grownups create ad-hoc experimental audio compositions.

Fonomapa on a table

Installation was created with using web technologies - mainly React and D3 - which allowed us to use the same codebase for on-site hardware (55-inch touchscreen table), and online version:

Online version

Software was built entirely from scratch, one of most interesting techniques we used was rendering vector tiles with D3, which allowed us to control the design of map in very fine detail. Map was designed to give only a little help to the user, moving all the attention to the sounds.

CMS screenshot

We also created custom CMS for easy sound upload and edition, with backend powered by node.js and mongodb.