Reusable Code Components for Glideresearch prototype of end-user-programmable UIs
Full prototype screenshot

Glide is a no-code platform which allows end-users to build custom applications from spreadsheets. The users start with providing their data, and then assemble the application from a set of available high-level components. The problem here is, that when the use-case doesn't neatly fit into one of the existing components, there's nothing that can be done — the system is closed, and can't be extended by end-users.

The focus of this research project was prototyping a UI-builder that fits into Glide's aesthetics, and provides a way to edit, and re-use, the visual components available in the system.

I wrote a couple more thoughts (and recorded a video) about the project in this Q3 2022 newsletter section, and there's a longer write-up (and a live demo) at the Glide research page if you want to learn more.