JSConf EU 2018generative artwork

flow/control collaborated with talented Matt DesLauriers to create generative intro artwork for JSConf EU 2018 opening. It was running during the opening sequence, through breaks and was surrounding the slides during talks.

The artwork was displayed on a massive 50m x 8m screen, composed of 4 projectors, displaying over 7 million pixels live.

It was made using WebGL, combining pre-defined graphics from Silke, with procedurally generated shapes. The shapes movement and animation was a mix of JavaScript and GLSL vertex shader code, to give them organic feel.

To make it more lively and interesting, the shapes interacted with each other using basic physics engine, and most of the parameters (geometry, patterns, colours, etc.) were randomised with hand-tuned probabilities.

The artwork’s code is available as open-source: mattdesl/jsconfeu-generative-visuals


generative art:Matt DesLauriers
creative coding:Szymon Kaliski (flow/control)
film:Martin Mostert
projection mapping:Martin Schuhfuss
curator:Malte Ubl (JSConf)
design:Silke Voigts
audio:Sam Wray (2xAA)
Szymon Kaliski © 2019