LoopPIhardware audio looper

LoopPI is a standalone four track audio looper made with Raspberry PI, ChucK and Node.js.

Each row of controls consists of two buttons and two potentiometers. First button toggles recording on and off, second one clears the loop, first potentiometer controls the loop volume, and second one controls feedback. Each loop is 8 seconds long with independent volume and feedback controls.

Audio processing part is written in ChucK (C-like language for audio), interface (buttons, potentiometers and LCD) in node.js.

This project is available as open source: szymonkaliski/LoopPI

In 2016 LoopPI was updated with recent Raspberry PI and Wolfson audio card for better sound quality: szymonkaliski/LoopPI2

For other experiments around hardware/software for experimental music check out: Nótt, DIY Monome, and LoopPI.

Nótt contains six independent loops, up to 8 seconds long, including speed control, sublooping, reverse playing, and custom granular mode. It combines my previous hardware looper experiment - LoopPI and my DIY Monome research.