ModelerCSG modeling with React

Modeler is a CSG modeling library for React, and a cli helper tool.

It is built from two packages: modeler-csg - the main modeling library, and modeler-cli.

modeler-csg is a custom React reconciler designed to work with react-three-fiber:

const React = require("react");
const ReactDOM = require("react-dom");
const { Canvas } = require("react-three-fiber");
const { Model } = require("modeler-csg");

    <ambientLight color={0x888888} />
    <spotLight position={[0, 10, 10]} />

        <cube />
        <sphere radius={1.3} />

modeler-cli provides a quick live-reloading preview, and offline STL export.

For more information and examples go to github: szymonkaliski/modeler.

  • modeler:
      <Path closed={true}>
        <Point x={0}  y={0} />
        <Point x={10} y={20} />
        <Point x={10} y={30} />
        <Point x={9}  y={42} />
      <Circle r={10} x={0} y={0}/>
    notice that parents impact children: Union calculates over Path and Circle, in "normal" code representation that would be:
      path({ closed: true, points }),
      circle({ r: 10, x: 0, y: 0 })

Up to this point, all my designs for 3D-printed objects were either made in code (using my own tools, of course: Modeler and hiccup-sdf) or using SolveSpace.