Nóttstandalone looper and granular instrument
Nótt photo

Nótt contains six independent loops, up to 8 seconds long, including speed control, sublooping, reverse playing, and custom granular mode. It combines my previous hardware looper experiment - LoopPI and my DIY Monome research.

It was inspired by mlr and norns, built on Raspberr Pi, Blokas Pisound and Adafruit NeoTrellis using Chuck and Python.

Detailed usage instructions are available here, and build instructions here.

I've had an urge to make some new music software for a while, and the idea of granular looper has been going through my head since Nótt (which featured a custom granulation mode). I grabbed Midi Fighter Twister and Norns and wrote some Lua and SuperCollider code to make Haze:

For other experiments around hardware/software for experimental music check out: Nótt, DIY Monome, and LoopPI.