Sensoriumaudio installation driven by EEG

I collaborated with talented Rafał Zapała on his Sensorium installation, based on the idea of biofeedback from the viewer.

I created software for combining different signal sources - including EEG, GSR and pulse sensor, which let Rafał build his interactive composition, meant to be played on human emotions.

For EEG data we used Emotiv EPOC and written a data transceiver which outputs OSC messages - it's open source and available for free: szymonkaliski/EEG2OSC.


Pulse sensor and GSR were using e-Health Arduino platform:

Pulse sensor

Both hardware sensors were outputing OSC at the end of processing pipeline, and Rafał wrote his own Max/MSP code to generate music.

Sensorium is a collection of essays by Agnieszka Jelewska, studying relations between art, science, philosophy and human experience (more info).