Sketchbooka place for your sketches

sketchbook-cli is a tool for organising, editing and displaying code-based sketches in real-time.

It complimentes live-reloading with live-screenshotting capabilities, providing a gallery with previews generated from code.

The tool was built to help me see all the sketches that I'm working on, as I usually create a bunch of small random files to test ideas and play around.

These files are usually named either 0001.js or 20181029-1814.js, so being able to see what they all output at the same time removes a lot of friction from my sketching workflow.

sketchbook-cli is open sourced: szymonkaliski/sketchbook-cli, and can be installed via npm: npm install -g sketchbook-cli.


Most of the live-reload code was adapted from budo.

This project was developed in part at Laboratory, an artist residency for interactive arts: You can read more about my time in Spokane in this blog post: Laboratory Residency.