Timavtime tracking system
Application screenshot

Timav is a tool for analysing time tracking data collected in Google Calendar.

It evolved organically to fit the work I do, and how I do it, and should probably be used as reference to building your own system.

Application screenshot

You can find more details in this blog post: time tracking.

Code is open sourced: szymonkaliski/Timav.

Timav ("chronology" in Volapük) is a tool for analysing time tracking data collected in Google Calendar.

In Timav I also added full-day logs that describe events. Event can be a big milestone or deadline (I'm adding event notes to describe what it was about) or a payment (I use special tag @cash(), so @cash(1000) would mean I earned 1000PLN on a given day).

The performance was still a problem, and since I started doing one-project-a-month this year I wanted to finally improve, and open source it. That's how Timav was born.

Timav is built around ideas that have been collected for last four years, it's still work in progress, and I plan on getting back to it later this year. For now it provides two views:

Timav took 29 hours to build, but is far from complete.

If you want to hack on Timav, it's open sourced and available on my Github: szymonkaliski/Timav, but honestly, it's probably better if you build your own, I wouldn't want my ideas to limit yours.

Timav is actually a fourth version in this process, and I'm pretty sure it's not the last one.

Like with most of my projects, this is a very personal one. It fits my way of doing things, and similarly like with Timav, changes the things I do. The latter forces me to spend time doing the things I want to do, by showing me the time tracking data in a specific way, the former makes me think thoughts that I probably wouldn't have thought otherwise.