Zamekinteractive movie

I collaborated with Movlab studio to create the first Polish interactive movie. It was made during Movlab's residency at Zamek Culture Centre.

The movie consists of fictional and documentary parts. Fictional story has four different endings, while documentary part is almost five hours long in total, and includes hundreds of historical documents, photos, audio recordings, and interviews.

Website was built in Backbone, and is statically served from Amazon S3. The only data needed to render the movie was JSON file containing all the scenes, and connections between them.

One of the most interesting parts of this project was the creation of interactive tool for filmmakers, which allowed them to connect the scenes visually, and build the structure of JSON file without writing it by hand.

This tool let us iterate quickly, and build complicated structure of the movie easily, which you can see below.

Map of choices
  • a personal anecdote that I like talking about is when I was working on Zamek Interactive Movie, the original conversations with the film-makers were that there's only going to be a handful of different scenes, and maybe an alternative ending; instead of hard-coding anything I made a simple graph-making tool to let them to describe the interactions without having to change the code, and that ended up exploding into hundreds of scenes, all connected; the tool shaped how the movie ended up looking