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A DIY Pen Plotter and the last Strange Loop

Hi, hope you had a great summer!

At Replit, we just released a Desktop App which I helped build. Go check it out and ping me with any issues or feature requests. I also have a couple of other things in the pipeline, if you want to have access to them early, turn on the "explorer" setting in your account.

Other than that, I've spent this quarter lazily working on a DIY Pen Plotter, and treating it as a stepping stone towards making a CNC. The plotter was designed and built completely from scratch, and I'm quite pleased with myself that it, in fact, does plot with a pen:

Adam Wiggins once told me that the best explanations are made by people who just learned something, as they haven't yet internalized that thing and forgotten what was hard about learning it. So, keeping that in mind, I wrote a blog post on building this project.

I also went to the last Strange Loop edition, it was amazing to see so many friends in one place, I had a ton of inspiring conversations, and the talks were great as well. I'm obviously sad that the conference is going away but grateful that we had it for a while.

Worth Checking Out

What I've been reading lately:

On the web:


I'm going to SPLASH in Cascais at the end of October — let me know if you'll be there too, and if not — catch you in a couple of months!

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