I research, design, and develop computational interfaces.

I'm a design engineer at Replit, where I work on future-of-coding efforts for a multiplayer development environment.
I also run a boutique R&D consultancy called flow/control, where I specialize in solving complex design problems, usually for startups working in the end-user programming space.

Previously, I was a principal investigator at Ink&Switch, where I explored programmable ink and back-of-the-envelope-computation.

I also speak at conferences, give workshops and teach.
For a detailed history and upcoming events, have a look at my bio.

In my free time, I tinker on personal projects, research independently, and make ambient music from deconstructed acoustic sounds.

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I love getting emails: hi@szymonkaliski.com.

I also tweet and toot, and this website is a part of the webring.