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Crosscut is a research project developed at Ink&Switch in the Programmable Ink thread together with Marcel Goethals and Ivan Reese. It is a spiritual continuation of our work on End-User Programming (with an essay here), and the Inkbase project.

As a teaser, with Crosscut you can build-to-explore things ranging from custom step sequencers:

To bookshelf-designing tools:

To learn more, check out the 9000-word essay covering everything from philosophy, through design goals, to the actual implementation of the prototype.

Crosscut was also presented during my 2022 Strange Loop talk if you want to see it in action.


  1. 2024-05-17Live-Programming Issues1
  2. 2024-01-01Improving Replit's Console and a Database-y Creative Coding Environment1
  3. 2023-12-03LiunonDatabase-y Creative Coding Environment1
  4. 2023-07-03Live-Coding Notebooks, SDF Spreadsheets, and a DIY Pen Plotter1
  5. 2023-04-03Joining Replit, and musings from the Job Hunt1
  6. 2022-07-04Embedding VPLs in Existing Contexts, DIY Document Camera, and a New 3D Printer2
  7. 2022-04-04Sketching, Modeling and Programming1

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