Crosscutdrawing dynamic models
Crosscut running on a Tablet

Crosscut is a research project developed at Ink&Switch together with Marcel Goethals and Ivan Reese — a spiritual continuation of our work on End-User Programming (with an essay here), and the Inkbase project.

As a teaser, with Crosscut you can build-to-explore things ranging from custom step sequencers:

To bookshelf-designing tools:

To learn more, check out the 9000-word essay covering everything from philosophy, through design goals, to the actual implementation of the prototype.

Overall, the project taught me a ton, and charted a direction for a next one, that is also finished, and also, as of yet, unpublished. We managed to push the essay out a couple of days ago after all! The project is called Crosscut, and you can read about it here. The essay is much more comprehensive than anything I would write on my own, and I encourage you to check it out and do so on a desktop browser as we have a bunch of live demos in there.

thanks everyone for great feedback and discussions on Inkbase and Crosscut I really enjoy hearing your perspectives on this work, and it's also helpful since chatting with you all forces me to get better at articulating my intuitions.

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