I'm using writing as a tool for thinking.
This is a part of my external brain, my digital garden.

The system currently contains 102 public notes, a small (but growing) subset of what I use in my personal knowledge management system.

Some interesting places to start could be collections on: Memex, Learning, VPL, Future Of Coding or End-User Programming.

Notes below are grouped by last edit time.


Links18 VPL17 Notation15 Simulator12 Memex11 End-User Programming10 Thinking with Zettelkasten10 Extended Mind9 Dynamic Medium8 Epistemic Actions8 Situated Cognition8 VPL Issues8 Canvas for Thinking7 Embodied Cognition7 Composing Functionality and VPLs6 Linguistic Determinism6 Metacognition and Debugging6 Re-engagement in Knowledge6 Composing Functionality and VPLs and Layers5 Computational DAGs5 Extended Phenotypes5 Memex and My Limits5 Cognition Shape4 Downtime4 Each Extensions is an Amputation4 Edit-Commit4 Great Thoughts4 Peripheral Vision in Software4 Places in Software4 Tools Building Us3 Deliberate Practice and Stress2 Dependency Graph for Constructed Geometry2 Filesystem as Database2 Intuition2 On Being Well Rounded2 Petri Nets2 Zeigarnik Effect2 China Brain1 Climate Change1 Grey Thinking1 Neighbour Computing1 Engineering vs Science0 Scale and Interval0
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