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Research50Learning38Notation16Future Of Coding15Understanding Requires Effort13Bicycle for the Mind12Memex12Dynamic Medium11Cognitive Medium9Thinking and Time8Workshop vs Library8Computational DAGs7Handling History in Software7Places in Software7CLI UX6Environments not App Pickers6Linguistic Determinism6Modes6Connections are Usually Better than Taxonomies5Extended Phenotypes5Ladder Of Abstraction5Memex and My Limits5Reflective Practice5Time and Experimentation5Cognition Shape4Dialog Across Time4Downtime4Each Extensions is an Amputation4Edit-Commit4Note Titles Becoming Abstractions4Orientation in Fractal Software4Research and Day-to-Day4Dependency Graph for Constructed Geometry3Do Your Own Thinking3Ideating-Authoring3Improvements vs Breakthroughs3Rules for Visual Information Systems3Software Performance and Thinking3Working in the Dynamic Medium3Connectionism2Constructivism2Conversation Theory2Design Science2Dialog in UI2Grey Thinking2Human Colossus2Pencil and OS-level Doodling2Perceptual Control Theory2Petri Nets2VPL vs Text2Climate Change1Confirmation Bias1Design Methods Movement1E-Prime1Epicureanism1Genetic Epistemology1Semiotics1Short-Sightedness in Software1Tuple Space1Engineering vs Science0Information Aesthetics0
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