Examples of Tools Shaping the Outcomes

  • related to Tools Building Us of course
  • a personal anecdote that I like talking about is when I was working on Zamek Interactive Movie, the original conversations with the film-makers were that there's only going to be a handful of different scenes, and maybe an alternative ending; instead of hard-coding anything I made a simple graph-making tool to let them to describe the interactions without having to change the code, and that ended up exploding into hundreds of scenes, all connected; the tool shaped how the movie ended up looking
  • Live-Coding music is very often loop-based, because the tools to create live-coded music favour loops
    • generally loops in solo electronic music are what is often used both to construct more complicated music with just two pairs of hands, but also because most live-performance tools are loop-based
  • we keep code in separate (usually not too long) files not because that's great, but because of historical limitations - this complicates a lot of things, as you not only have to think about the "business logic" but also how to split it, how to name the files, where to put them in the file system, etc.
    • Unison has an interesting approach at solving this, and I'm curios how much more could be done there
    • Realtalk (Dynamicland) keeps code in the "DB" as well