Q4 2022Publications, Appearances, and looking for the Next Thing


the last quarter flew by — I was mostly working on finishing documentations of various projects (which you'll see below), and recovering from a busy summer.

I didn't have much time or brain-space for any serious side-projects. I noodled a bit more on the shape grammar stuff (putting a pin in it for now), and hacked together a MIDI CC looper for my Norns, so I can record and replay knob movements for more organically sounding modulations.

Also, I guess I'm on Mastodon now: @szymon_k@mas.to

This quarter has been filled with a lot of Programmable Ink things:

Finally, I wrote a long article documenting my research into end-user-programmable UI-builder at Glide, which includes a live version of the prototype — go check it out. If you want to see it in action with additional commentary, I recorded a short informal demo in the last newsletter issue.

After four years at Ink&Switch, two of them as a Principal Investigator, I want to turn the dial from pure research, to more industry-oriented work.

My main interest lays in the space of no/low/future-of coding tools, and end-user programming. I believe that there's a ton of untapped potential in computing, and that a lot of it is limited by (broadly understood) interfaces.

I specialize in solving complex design problems, and approaching them from both engineering, and end-user perspectives. I know how to lead a team, and I'm most interested in an IC role — not looking to become a manager.

The section above documents most of my recent work. If you want to see more, you can explore the projects page, or browse through some of my working notes.

Reach out if you know something that might be a good fit: hi@szymonkaliski.com — I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Books I enjoyed recently:

  • Cognitive Science: An Introduction — a pretty good overview of the field of cognitive science
  • Being You — the title sounds cheesy, but the book is not: highly recommended overview of current understanding of biological basis for consciousness
  • Draw in Order to See — very relevant to the Programmable Ink thread
  • How The World Really Works — (thanks Geoffrey for the recommendation!) another very interesting book with a pretty cheesy title: this one explores various areas of current developed world through the lens of fundamental physical measures — things like how much human-labour-time is needed to produce a kilogram of wheat (two seconds!)
  • Rules of Play — (thanks Peter for the recommendation!) a great study of what games are, and how to design them

On the web:

I hope 2022 was great for you, and as always, wishing you all the best for the upcoming one!

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