Live-Coding Issues

  • live-coding is great, but somehow hard to apply to "production systems", why?
    • anecdotally when working on "production systems" I rarely play with constants live by changing single numbers or colors - maybe only when polishing some UI, but even then it often feels like working at the wrong abstraction level
    • most of the time, I try different code paths, which often means toggling multiple lines on/off across multiple files; "wiggling" the structure, not a single value
      • this sometimes feels close to trying to have multiple git branches visible and editable at the same time
  • if I live-code a generative system, and see only the final result, I still have to play computer in my head (Simulator) - it's only that I have live-feedback from my actions - which is great, but for more complex things I want more visibility into sub-parts of the system
    • which begs the question of how to get that visibility? - some ideas: